The Beer Café is Giving Free Beer to All Sonam Gupta’s Out There

Sonam Gupta has taken the facebook, twitter & the entire internet. We are dead sure, you would have come across a torned 10 rupee note with “Sonam Gupta bewafa hai” written on it.

We are not sure about Sonam Gupta, but this cafe sure isn’t ‘bewafa’. The Beer Café is giving you free beer if your name is Sonam Gupta.

The Beer Café is calling out to all the Sonam Gupta’s to come and get free beer at all their outlets. So all Sonam Gupta’s out there, whether you are ‘Bewafa’ or not, come to The Beer Café and share your story over a cold beer.

Hope Sonam Gupta feel better after having that mug of FREE cold beer.

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