6 Pack Momos, the newest food chain of town is all set to bring revolution the way Indians experience momos.


This chain has plan to station carts at various locations in India. Carts will be loaded with LED TVs displaying items-on-stock and offers, will also boast Wi-Fi hotspots. Moreover, they will be armed with momo-making machines that can produce 10,000 momos every hour.

6 Pack Momos claims to serve more than 250 varieties of Momos, and that’s something any momo-lover look forward to.

Divy Kohli, Jahaan Khurana, and Deepak Dhingra – a momo-enthusiast, a food-chain veteran, and an entrepreneur from Hong Kong in that order, have brought this unique idea to the town.

Where: 6/4, JD Kapoor Hospital Road, Kirti Nagar

PC: 6 Pack Momos

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