That time of the year when parents start preparing themselves to find an answer to the question, “Which is the right school for my child?” has arrived. Every July-August, this annual exercise begins for Gurgaon parents either to choose a pre-school or a high-school. Given the umpteen number of schools in Gurgaon, this process often proves daunting for the parents. The key is to understand your child’s learning abilities. Then cautiously choose the apt environment which will facilitate optimum learning for your child without the undue pressure.

It’s also very important to make a decision without the peer influence, because no child is identical and we should stop expecting the educational institutes to clone our children. Our children are unique; therefore to bring their inherent abilities to surface we ought to choose the schools with right learning methodologies for them. To make your task easier, we have produced a list of top 9 schools in Gurgaon that excel in their own ways in the education scene of Gurgaon. We suggest that you do your share of research and visit these amazing schools before you take your pick.

1. The Heritage School

Board: CBSE (Upto grade 12), IB Diploma (Grade 11&12)
Phone: Tel: 0124 – 2855124/25/26, +91 98107 87793
Location: Sector 62, Gurgaon

Admission Fee: ₹90,000
Tuition Fee: ₹11,900/Quarter
Security Deposit: ₹60,000


Experiential learning is their mantra. Learning by doing, questioning, discussing and finally arriving at understanding the concept, is the teaching method used by The Heritage School. Focus is on education and not mere teaching. The curriculum, apart from academic programmes, also includes art and craft, painting, sculpture, pottery, paper recycling and re-using, fashion designing, crafts and commercial art, performing arts like theatre, music, dance, photography and film-making, at different levels of the program.

Physical education and building life skills through expeditions is given an equal importance. Gymnastics and yoga are also included in the curriculum.

2. The Shri Ram School, Aravali

Board: CISCE ( KG to Grade 12)
Phone: 0124-4784300
Location: DLF City, Phase 4, Gurgaon
Fee: Undisclosed (Average Fees: ₹1.5 Lakhs/Annum)


Each child is unique and the student individuality is promoted here by giving value based education while being rooted in Indian cultural traditions. Children are made aware of their potential, confident of their abilities and at the same time respected. Inclusive learning is their motto. The special needs department caters to every child’s individual need. Curricular and co-curricular programmes together help in the holistic development of students. Arts, Sports, Yoga etc play an important role in the co-curricular activities.
Facilities include laboratories for hands-on learning experience, full-fledged library, auditorium for in-house and inter school games and competitions, a well equipped medical room, computer laboratories with internet connectivity, facilitating technology integrated project based learning.

3. Shiv Nadar School

Board: CBSE
Phone: 0124 – 6465557 / 59
Location: DLF City, Phase 1, Pahari Road, Gurgaon

Admission Fee: ₹90,000
Tuition Fee: ₹12840/Quarter
Annual Charges: ₹7254/Quarter
Security Deposit: ₹30,000


The school aims at providing a challenging environment and the opportunity to discover each child’s aptitude and talent. Emotional and social learning programs form a part of the curriculum along with academics. Learners are nurtured through an experiential mode of learning, creating learners who are skilled to overcome various challenges of life. Art and sports are included in the daily curriculum to help the student discover aptitude, create passion and develop the right attitude. A rigorous selection process ensures the best teaching faculty is absorbed in and continuous training and development maintains consistency and competency of the faculty. A low student teacher ratio and two teachers per class upto Grade 2, ensures individual attention to each child.


4. Shikshantar School

Board: CISCE
Phone: 0124-4889100
Location: South City 1, Gurgaon

Admission Fee: ₹30,000
Development Fee: ₹95,000
Annual Charges: ₹50,000
Tuition Fee: ₹95,280/Year
Security Deposit: ₹40,000


A school that lets each child evolve, grow and blossom into a confident and dignified individual. The social and emotional wellbeing of the child is given importance while designing the curriculum and pedagogy of experiential and integrated learning system. Shikshantar’s green landscape is a treat to the eyes. The infrastructure provides well lit and ventilated classrooms, sand pits and fish ponds, open terraces for activities, art, dance and music rooms, theatre rooms, cycling track etc. Sports facilities include badminton courts, a football field, cricket nets, basketball court, table tennis, volleyball court, equipment and floor space for gymnastics, and swimming.

5. Vega School, Sohna Road

Board: CBSE (Project Based Learning)
Phone: 9999 711 334
Location: Sector 48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Admission Fee: ₹50,000
Annual Charges: ₹22,000
Tuition Fee: ₹11,000/Month
Security Deposit: ₹35,000

Founder/Owner: Sandy Hooda


This innovative and new-age school believes in identifying and nurturing uniqueness in each child and creating confident, adaptable and lifelong learners through their immersive learning approach. Barrier-free and flexible learning spaces facilitate Vega’s project based learning pedagogy to take place seamlessly. Vega is the only Indian member of the Global School Alliance, which helps it to tap into resources and innovative educational practices from some of the most renowned progressive schools around the world. Expert educators from the GSA partner schools frequently visit Vega to train the teachers and help the school with the constant improvisation. That’s the reason why this school remains ahead and always updated in its learning approach, preparing students for the present and future needs.
Life skills like leadership, communication, problem-solving etc are embedded in the curriculum through real-life and authentic projects. Children here learn by solving real-world problems which ensures that the learning is deep and attention levels are high.

Sports activities include both indoor and outdoor facilities. Arts, music, dance and yoga are the additional activities which help in holistic development of the student. Air purification facility in the school maintains a healthy environment which in turn aids cognition and concentration powers of students. An in-house farm-to-table café serves nutritious meals to the students to suit their nutritional requirements.

6. Scottish High International School

Board: IB World school for pre-nursery to grade V, ICSE, IGCSE
Phone: +91 124 4112781
Location: Sushant Lok 2, Gurgaon
Admission: Only based on seat availability.

Admission Fee: ₹60,000
Annual Charges: ₹42,592
Tution Fee: ₹18,671/Quarter
Security Deposit: ₹50,000


The school endeavors to build strong foundations of mind, body and spirit by implementing the pedagogy of questioning, analyzing and applying knowledge. Inculcating discipline, developing creativity, empowering children and raising compassionate children are some of the approaches used for a holistic development of students at Scottish High. Every child has a dedicated parent (teacher) to look after him for his entire stay in the school (1-14 years).

7. Suncity World School

Board: IGCSE
Phone: +91 9711239060 / 0124-4845300-302
Location: Setor 54, Gurgaon
Admission: Admission open for session starting August 2017.

Admission Fee: ₹30,000
Annual Charges: ₹18,000
Development Fee: ₹60,500
Tuition Fee: ₹7696/Month
Security Deposit: ₹75,000


Suncity strives to develop the genius in each child. Inspirational and engaging pedagogy gives a challenging and supportive environment to assist development of the child in both academics as well as personality. The teachers enable each child to be curious to explore, analyze and learn and thereby understanding the core concepts. Technology assisted e-learning tools enrich the students’ learning experience.

8. Amity International School

Board: IGCSE
Phone: 0124-238 5112
Location: Sector 43, Gurgaon
Admission: Admission open

Admission Fee: ₹5,000
Development Fee: ₹31,080
Annual Charges: ₹8,800
Tuition Fee: ₹11,200/Quarter
Security Deposit: ₹20,000


Amity strives to nurture children by instilling humility to rise above individual needs and serve mankind. Conceptual knowledge is imparted with an aim to achieve excellence and all-round personality of each child. Amity’s scientifically designed unique study programme caters to each age group by blending best practices with Indian traditional values. The academic and co-curricular excellence aims at making each student, a success story.

9. Delhi Public School

Board: CBSE
Phone: 0124-4125 800-801
Location: Sector 45, Gurgaon
Admission: NA

Admission Fee: ₹80,000
Annual Charges: ₹28,730
Tution Fee: ₹23581/Quarter
Security Deposit: ₹80,000

Molding each child into a wholesome human being with an aim to work towards Service before Self, is what drives DPS. DPS works to achieve holistic development of each child with the right blend of academics and co-curricular activities. To cater to today’s tech savvy little minds, smart class concept is designed to bring to life tough curriculum concepts. Thus making learning fun and creating lasting impact. Co-curricular programmes include art, dance, music etc. Sports activities like Basket ball, Tennis, Football, Skating, Aerobics and Gymnastics add to the life skill coaching at DPS. Aiming at high quality education, DPS also takes pride in various international events like NASA space school programme.


Admissions for the next academic year will start tentatively from August 2017. It’s time for parents to finalize their choice of school/s and be prepared with all necessary documents to submit the application forms. Seats are limited for each class in each of these nine schools and hence the earlier you decide the better! Do note that registration alone does not guarantee admission. Timely completion of all formalities is a must.


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