A Jugaad Cinema Hall Under A Bridge That Shows Movies @ Just ₹10

A Makeshift Cinema Hall under a 140-year-old bridge near Yamuna River is an entertainment hub for rickshaw pullers and migrants labourers. After dark, cinema hall serves as a night shelter for those who can’t afford watching movies at big screens of city.


Cinema hall plays 4 films a day on TV and CD player, only ₹10, which turns into a night shelter post evening hours.

The iron floor of the bridge serves as the ceiling here, and cheap rags as curtains and floor mats.

Co-owner of this cinema hall also runs a stall nearby and offers meals for 5-10 rupees.


The place is wide and open, there is a cold and pleasant breeze here because it is so close to the river Yamuna.

On an average day, about a 100 people use the cinema hall to watch films, rest and catch up on some sleep.

More can be read on NDTV

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