Imagine a car that speaks with you, Imagine a car that defines the future of cars- well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, at-least not for long. India’s first internet car is here and British automaker MG Motor is bringing ‘The Hector’- India’s first connected car.

Recently team Holla Delhi was invited to the pre-launch of MG Hector – the car that redefines swanky, the car that is future.

Now, we are lovers of everything chic, trendy, and technology advanced, and MG motor’s Hector is all.

MG motors is planning to officially launch this chic SUV in the second quarter of June. So we can’t do anything but wait for it to hit the streets in order to gauge its true performance. But it did not stop us from attending the pre-launch event where MG motors, ahead of the launch of Hector, released the images and the features of their upcoming car.

Rajeev Chabha, in the presentation showcased its iSMART Next Gen technology which was developed in partnership with global technology players including Adobe, Microsoft and SAP and many other technology companies.

Moreover, MG Hector includes a 360-degree camera, a Harman Infinity audio system, a six-way power adjustable driver’s seat, push-button start, keyless entry, cruise control and a tyre pressure monitoring system, among others. But, what sets it apart from other cars, and gives it a futuristic tinge is the AI-powered Voice Assist and pre-loaded apps that have the ability to receive over the air updates.

The AI-powered Voice Assist is Developed by Nuance, it has been precisely designed that supports and understands Indian accent. Machine Learning (ML) algorithms will help this system to learn and make the Voice Assist better every day with usage.

Let us put that in layman’s terms. If you want to communicate with your car from a distance, you can do that using the Voice Assist. Imagine it is a hot summer day, and you have to take a short drive to the market. Now, sitting in the car in such a weather could be a nightmare. And on top of that, it would take the AC a fair amount of time to cool the car a bit. But with the Voice Assist, you can power up your car’s air conditioner from a distance, and your car would be considerably cooler by the time you enter it. This is the kind of smart technology that we need right now. We need cars that listen to us!


By the looks of it, MG Hector seems to be a car lovers’ and a tech bloggers’ delight. The list of features are quite impressive, and from what we could gather, it looks quite appealing as well. But we still need to wait for the launch to give our final verdict. Our hopes are high! We have seen what the future looks like, and it looks bright for sure!

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