9 Offbeat Places To Eat During Monsoon In Delhi

Monsoon season always brings happiness and excitement in our lives after bearing the scorching heat for months. We often crave for delicious food in this season, where there are water droplets falling on the ground which soothe us, no matter we are in love or not.

Below are the 9 offbeat places where you can eat during monsoons in Delhi:

1. Saleem Tea Shop

Where: Matia Mahal Market
Price: Rs. 12/- per glass

While there are plenty of shops to provide you the tea but this shop is a must-go place in this monsoon season. The shop is one of the oldest in Delhi with seating arrangement around 20 people.

2. Laxman Dhaba

Where: Qutub Industrial Area
Price: Rs. 100/-to Rs. 150/-

Well, nothing can beat homemade paranthas, but when you are out and fantasizing about paranthas, this is a place for you. It’s a roadside eating joint which is the favorite amongst college students.

3. Bun Tikki Wala

Where: outside I.P. College For Women, Civil Lines
Price: Rs. 10 – Rs. 50 per person

The place is famous for its mouth-watering snacks. They serve various kinds of street food. Bun Tikkis and other stuff are pocket- friendly, which should not be missed when you reach there. ‘Banta’ (shikanji) is the specialty of this thela.

4. Paramjeet Macchi Wala

Where: Paramjeet Macchi Wala, WZ 1, opp. Pillar 321, Moti Nagar
Price: Rs. 400/- to Rs. 800/-

A 42-year-old stall serves variety of fish pakoras near Moti Nagar Metro Station. The pakoras are rolled in besan and served with green chutney and onion rings.

5. Chache Di Hatti

Where: Kamla Nagar, North Campus
Price: Rs. 150/- (for 2 people approx.)

Chache Di Hatti is the best place to eat chole-bhature near Delhi University. There is always a separate queue for boys & girls. Their food is clean as they wear gloves and then cook in front of their customers.

6. Bishan Swaroop

Where: 1421, Chandni Chowk
Price: Rs. 150/- (for 2 people approx.)

A chat corner in Chandni Chowk, serves different chats, with spices and lemon spread on them. This place is famous for Aloo Chaat, which is deep fried and tasty.

7. Tom Uncle Maggi

Where: North Campus, DU
Price: Rs. 100/- (for 2 people)

Tom Uncle Maggi is the outlet where you can find varieties of maggi. It is famous amongst Delhi University’s students for its tasty and yummy maggi made with various experiments.

8. Dolma Aunty Momos

Where: Shop 39-B, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar 2
Price: Rs. 100/- (for 2 people approx.)

It serves the thinnest outer covering of the momos which lets you feel the taste at its best along with red chilli garlic chutney.

9. Fateh Ki Kachori

Where: Near St. Xavier’s School, Civil Lines
Price: Rs. 50/- (for 2 people)

This Kachori vendor is famous in the area of Civil Lines, where most of Indraprastha College’s students come and eat them. The vendor offers different kachoris which are delicious and enough to enjoy the rainy season.

Source: TopTenz.in

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