10 One Day Road Trips From Delhi That Must Be in Your Bucket List This Monsoon

Considering the population and the pollution of Delhi, the locals would obviously want to get out of that crowded place, just to breathe fresh air. But, the hectic schedules of the Delhi people chain them in their offices. Are you one of them and looking for an escape just for one day? Then read ahead and know the rescue!


1. Damdama Lake

It is one of the biggest lakes in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is spread all over the area of 3,000 acres. The surroundings of the Aravali Mountains make this place the ultimate choice if you want to take your family on a picnic.

Driving Time: 2 hr 10 min
Distance: 64 km
Best Route: NH48

2. Murthal

If you want to get out of the fast life of the metro city, then Murthal is the place for you. It is one of the fastest growing places that surround Delhi. Murthal is highly famous for the Dhabas. So, stop eating junk food for a day and try the real Indian food.

Driving Time: Around 1 hour
Distance: 50 km
Best Route: NH44

3. Neemrana Fort Palace

While you may find most of the heritages, near Delhi, offering mesmerizing beauty; Neemrana Fort Palace offers you the feel of being in the vicinity of the royals. It can be the precise getaway from the hustle and bustle of the busy life of Delhi.

Driving Time: Around 3 Hours
Distance: 120 km
Best Route: NH48 and Alwar-Bhiwadi Rd/Papari Rd

4. Mathura – Vrindavan

What is better than devoting yourself to the god altogether? These towns are serene and offer calmness to the mind as well as to the soul. If you have been feeling stressed out for any reasons, then make way to the land of Lord Krishna now!

Driving Time: 3 hours
Distance: Around 183 km
Best Route: Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Expy

5. The Taj

If it’s been months that you haven’t spent the quality time with your spouse, then nothing could give her happiness than the long drive to the monument of love, The Taj. Take your lady love along with you and explore the beauty of this wonder.

Driving Time: 3 Hours 50 min
Distance: Around 240km
Best Route: Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Expy

6. Noor Mahal, Karnal

Away from the mad rush of the city, stands this beautiful and enticing architecture, Noor Mahal. The satisfying services, eye-pleasing views, and fresh air will surely rejuvenate you in and out. Take a trip to this place and prepare yourself for the approaching hectic week.

Driving Time: Around 2 hour 10 min
Distance: Around 150 km
Best Route: NH44

7. Alwar

A picturesque valley, a beautiful lake, and other charming historical monuments can become your perfect getaway for the day. There are so many places to explore in this city that you wouldn’t want to return back to your normal life.

Driving Time: 3hr 4 min
Distance: Around 170 km
Best Route: Alwar-Bhiwadi Rd

8. Manesar

From a sleepy village to the fastest growing industrial town, Manesar has witnessed a lot of development in the past few years. From government headquarters to the multinational buildings, Manesar today has established its importance. Moreover, there are a lot of things to explore here as well.

Driving Time:1 hr 42 min
Distance: 55 km
Best Route: NH48

9. Surajkund

Lake of the Sun, as it is famous; Surajkund has been serving happiness and exhilaration to the people from many decades. During the spring season, every year, a craft mela is organized here. Besides, it has many other interesting places to offer.

Driving Time: 1 hr 32 min
Distance: 42 km
Best Route: via Mahatma Gandhi Rd

10. Bharatpur

Keoladeo National Park, Lohagarh Fort, Ganga Mandir, Government Museum, Golbagh Palace, and many other places – Bharatpur will surely calm your travelling worm down. There are many places to visit in Bharatpur that you would end up spending more than a day here.

Driving Time: Around 4 hours
Distance: 224 km
Best Route: via Taj Express Highway/Yamuna Expy

So, these are some of the places that can be the perfect getaway from the suffocating life of the capital. Plan your trip today!

Source: TopTenz

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